Just like the pets in our home, shelter animals look to us for love and support. When we work together, even small acts of kindness can make a big impact. Join us to Share the Care…

and save
a life today!

Woman with cat and dog
Woman with cat and dog

3 ways to have an impact now

the care

Spread the word!

a pet

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How can you impact animals in your community?


Open your heart and home to an amazing companion! Animals living in shelters and rescue groups are just waiting for a new beginning. Adoption also impacts more than one animal: by welcoming a new family member into your home, you open up space and resources in the sheltering organization to support the next animal in need.


Spending time in a shelter is considered one of the most stressful experiences in an animal’s life. By becoming a foster, you can temporarily provide a safe and comfortable home for an animal awaiting adoption.


Your financial gifts have an immediate impact on the animals in shelters. Financial support extends a shelter or rescue group’s ability to provide medical treatments, enrichment, food, and general care when and where it is needed.

Social media advocate

“Adopt” a shelter or rescue and share their social media posts with your personal network. By sharing these posts, you’ll provide the animals in care with greater exposure than would otherwise be possible.


Animal welfare groups across the country rely heavily on community member volunteerism to expand their service capacity. Since opportunities vary, if one organization doesn’t align well with your interests, please reach out to others. There is definitely a group that will be the perfect match for you!

Support lost pets

Most Americans consider pets to be family…so if you find a lost animal, chances are they’re desperately missed! Help reunite families by registering lost pets at shelters; ask if you can foster at home while the owner is located. Further advocate for the pet by posting on NextDoor, sharing on your social network, and hanging big signs around your neighborhood.

Ways to keep your animal out of a shelter

Find support services for your own animals.

Visit and search pet-related services in your area, like pet food pantries and veterinary care clinics.

Prepare your pets to find their way home.

1.5 million dogs and cats were picked up by animal control as lost pets in 2021. Only 1 out of every 5 made it back home. Be proactive. Proof of ownership like a collar, tag, and microchip significantly increases the chance your beloved pet will never enter a shelter.

Order your tag TODAY

Schedule an appointment with your vet to inquire about microchipping.

Find a new home for your beloved pet.

There’s no place like home. Unfortunately, pets sometimes need a new one.

We understand. Both Rehome and Home to Home provide an excellent platform for you to personally adopt your beloved pet a new family.


Get veterinary support near you.

Vet care is increasingly expensive, but there are options. Try AlignCare, visit for reduced cost vet services, or contact your local animal shelter for additional opportunities.

This campaign wouldn’t be possible without so many incredible organizations providing support



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